Lonely Lunker Winner

Gotta toot my horn.
Winner, winner....Chicken Dinner!
That nice 8.22 pound Landlocked I pulled from Lake Champlain got me a Lonely Lunker prize in the Lake Champlain International All-Season Tournament.

Giddy up!

Another look at her:

She's still at the taxidermists.  I'll post a pic when I have the mount.

Next week-end is the 3rd annual Frostbite Salmon Shoot-out.  Weather permitting.
I landed a 3rd place fish last year...but have plans to clean house this year!

Fish on, Fish H8 me.


dead fisher said...

That's a lot of ice cream!
Good luck next week Raz, make sure you wear the thermals.

Mark Kautz said...

Hey Raz. Wondered where you've been. Now I know, out catching the big one.


Trout MaGee said...

Congrats on your achievement !! Good luck at the Frostbite Shootout. Tight Lines.

Paddy Pike said...

Great to see you back on the blog and with the winning fish, Well deserved in my humble oppinion, That will be a great mount when its finished, The very best of luck for the 3rd {Time Lucky} Frostbite annual shootout Raz, Sorry about the pun haha,
Glad your back,
All the best to you and yours,

Anonymous said...

Happy to see you back bloggin', Raz! Thought maybe you were gearing up for an ice fishing winter assault on the lake. Great looking fish1 Congratulations on a job well done.

GuidesForHireLLC said...

nice fish , congrats!