Frost-biters Make it into the Burlington Free Press

The Burlington Free Press ran an article today on the Frostbite Fleet of Lake Champlain. 
The article was written by Lawrence Pyne and it's titled: Serious Anglers Ignore Frostbite For Fish Bites.

Here is also a great video found on You Tube:

Fish on, fish H8 me.

Where's the ice?

If we don't get some sustained cold weather soon, to build ice, there won't be a lot of ice fishing happening on Lake Champlain.

The weather is supposed get cold later this week...
but it did last week too.  It got real nice and cold, then, warmed up and it's been raining cats and dogs today.  Looking out my window is almost depressing.

What we need is good cold weather, the kind that makes ice form and make noises as it grows and thickens:

And...ice fishing really doesn't suck like the next title implies!

There'll be ice soon...
I hope.

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Shooting and Spearing fish on Lake Champlain

It seems each year, there is controversy surrounding the shooting of fish in Vermont.
Some argue that it isn't a safe sport, others point out the absence of accidents.
I came across this interesting video and wanted to show it.


Vermont fishermen along the shores of Lake Champlain are the only citizens of the US who retain the right to 'shoot' fish. Each year, pike return in large numbers to spawn in the marshes of the islands in Lake Champlain. There is a long fishing/hunting tradition of both spearing the fish at night at culverts, and of shooting the fish in the marshes. You don't actually shoot the fish but just under it, to stun it, where you can then simply pluck it out of the water. It is a cherished tradition among it's practitioners.

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2010 Sea Lamprey Control Petition is Available on-line

A petition addressed to the Governor of Vermont, Agency of Natural Resources Secretary, and Vermont Commissioners of the Department of Environmental Conservation, Department of Health and Department of Fish and Wildlife is available on line.

The petition is available to read and sign at http://www.petitiononline.com/Lewis010/petition.html

This is the forth year the petition has been written and presented to Montpelier in an effort to continue the necessary control of Sea Lamprey in Lake Champlain.

I would take great pleasure in knowing my readers took the time to read and sign this valuable tool to benefit the Lake Champlain Fishery.

Above, is a large 16" Sea Lamprey caught while fishing in Lake Champlain aboard the "Digitroll".

This photo shows a large Sea Lamprey attached to a Lake Champlain Brown Trout with another older scar visible on the fish.  This photo was taken while aboard the UVM research vessel Melosira.

More information on the control of Sea Lamprey on Lake Champlain can be found here on the New York DEC website.

Again, PLEASE take a minute to read and sign the petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/Lewis010/petition.html

Thank you!

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January Can Bring Great Ice Fishing Opportunities

News release from Vermont.gov

January Can Bring Great Ice Fishing Opportunities

WATERBURY, VT – Vermont offers great ice fishing in lakes throughout the state, and the action normally is great beginning in mid-January, depending on the weather. Vermont Fish & Wildlife recommends at least six inches of solid ice for safe ice fishing.

Vermont’s premier fishing destination, Lake Champlain, offers many ice fishing opportunities. According to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department, ice anglers can find quality fishing for many species on this 120-mile long lake, including landlocked salmon, lake trout, northern pike, yellow perch, white perch, walleye, crappie, and smelt.

“Lake Champlain attracts twice as much fishing activity during the winter as during the summer, particularly in the northern third of the lake,” said State Fisheries Biologist Brian Chipman. “The plentiful yellow perch is the mainstay of the winter fishery, but many ice anglers also find good fishing for other species.”

Traditional northern pike hotspots include Lake Champlain's Kelley Bay, Missisquoi Bay, Dillenbeck Bay, Carry Bay, Keeler Bay, St. Albans Bay, the shallow flats south of the Sandbar Causeway between Milton and South Hero, and the area south of the Champlain Bridge from Addison to Benson.

Later, as more ice forms, landlocked salmon and smelt will be caught in the Inland Sea north of the Sandbar Causeway. There is no closed season for trout and salmon on Lake Champlain.

If cold weather provides good ice on the deep-water areas of the lake, lake trout will be found off the west shore of Grand Isle and in Outer Mallets Bay, Shelburne Bay, Converse Bay, and Button Bay south to the Champlain Bridge. Smelt can be caught in several of these areas, as well as at other sites between Thompsons Point and Button Bay. While walleyes can show up anywhere in Lake Champlain, the most consistent winter action can be found in the southern end of the lake off Benson and Orwell, as well as the northern end in Swanton and Alburg.

Yellow perch and other panfish are being caught throughout Lake Champlain in the bays and shallows as well as on many other Vermont waters.

Vermont’s ice fishing season for trout, salmon and bass starts January 16 and continues through March 15 on 40 other large Vermont lakes. For a list of those lakes, go to page 50 of the 2010 Vermont Guide to Hunting, Fishing and Trapping, available where licenses are sold and at http://www.vtfishandwildlife.com/.

For more information, contact the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department, 103 South Main Street, Waterbury, VT 05671-0501. Telephone 802-241-3700 or email: fwinformation@ state.vt.us.

To locate places to stay and help on the latest fishing activity, go to the Vermont Outdoor Guides Association website (www.voga.org) and click on "ice fishing."

For a list of Vermont approved bait dealers, go to http://www.vtfishandwildlife.com/Fish_baitdealers.cfm, or contact Fish & Wildlife for a copy of the list.

Source: Agency of Natural Resources

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I put together this slide-show of our 2009 soft-water adventures...
We had a great year of "soft-water" fishing Lake Champlain, and gained a lot more knowledge about this great fishery.

Soon, it will be time to hit the ice for hard-water action...
Pulling Perch through the ice!

My apologizes for the long winded slide-show!

Thanks for watching!

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Lake Champlain International, Inc. Succeeds in Garnering National Support for Lake Champlain Sea Lamprey Control

American Sportfishing Association appeals to U.S. Senators, Congressmen, and Governors to permanently fund management.

Click here to go to the LCI Page.

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9.13 Pound Landlocked Atlantic Salmon in Champlain

Recently, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service were assessing Sea Lamprey wounding rates by shocking fish in the lake.
During their efforts, they shocked (recovered and returned to the lake) this very impressive Landlocked Salmon.  The fish weighed in at 9.13 pounds and measured 26.1 inches!

Also, on the same trip, they handled this huge American Eel.  The Eel was larger than the 36" measuring board they had on board, and to my knowledge, is the largest American Eel observed in Lake Champlain.

Fish on, fish H8 me.