Shooting and Spearing fish on Lake Champlain

It seems each year, there is controversy surrounding the shooting of fish in Vermont.
Some argue that it isn't a safe sport, others point out the absence of accidents.
I came across this interesting video and wanted to show it.


Vermont fishermen along the shores of Lake Champlain are the only citizens of the US who retain the right to 'shoot' fish. Each year, pike return in large numbers to spawn in the marshes of the islands in Lake Champlain. There is a long fishing/hunting tradition of both spearing the fish at night at culverts, and of shooting the fish in the marshes. You don't actually shoot the fish but just under it, to stun it, where you can then simply pluck it out of the water. It is a cherished tradition among it's practitioners.

Fish on, fish H8 me.

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