This time of the year, here in Vermont this topic comes up again and again.  I thought I'd re-post it!
It seems each year, there is controversy surrounding the shooting of fish in Vermont.

Some argue that it isn't a safe sport, others point out the absence of accidents.

I came across this interesting video and wanted to show it.

Vermont fishermen along the shores of Lake Champlain retain the right to 'shoot' fish.  Each year, pike return in large numbers to spawn in the marshes of the islands in Lake Champlain.  There is a long fishing/hunting tradition of both spearing the fish at night at culverts, and of shooting the fish in the marshes. You don't actually shoot the fish but just under it, to stun it, where you can then simply pluck it out of the water.  It is a cherished tradition among it's practitioners.

Fish on, fish H8 me.



If you like fishing Lake Champlain for its Landlocked Atlantic Salmon as much as I do, you'll appreciate this cool video!

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The NOAA/National Weather Service is seeking information concerning the use of Lake Champlain by open water fisherman during the winter months. The National Weather Service provides forecast services for Lake Champlain approximately 8 months out of the year (May through December). They wish to collect data from anglers that use the lake during the winter months to fish the open water (not ice fisherman). The data they collect will be used to determine whether or not there is a need for them to continue the “Lake Champlain Open Waters Forecast” during the months, December through April.

General questions/information they are asking for is:

1. Any annual or special open water events held on the lake during the December through April time frame?
2. Approximate weekly (or daily/weekend) usage of the lake by open water fishermen (if any) during good weather (your best estimation)?
3. Other local contacts that may be able to provide additional information.

The point of contact at NOAA/NWS is John Goff. John can be contacted at john.goff@noaa.gov

I urge all interested anglers to contact John via email and provide him with as much information as you can. In addition, please forward this notice to anyone you know that will be able to help the NOAA/NWS reach a decision.

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JOHN THE FISHERMAN........................... by PRIMUS

This is just plain "GREAT"
A cool video by Primus.

And...here are the lyrics!

When he was young you'd not find
him doing well in school,
His mind would turn unto the waters.

Always the focus of adolescent ridicule,
He has no time for farmer's daughters.
Alienated from the clique society,
A lonely boy finds peace in fishing.

His mother says "John this is not the
way life's supposed to be."
"Don't you see the life that you are missing?"

And he says...
When I grow up I want to be,
One of the harvesters of the sea.
I think before my days are done,
I want to be a fisherman.

Now years gone by we find man that rules the sea.
He sets out on a dark May morning .
To bring his catch back to this small community.
He doesn't see the danger dawning.
Four hours up, oh the ocean swelled and swelled,
The fog rolled in it started raining.
"The starboard bow." "Oh my God we're going down!"
They do not hear his frantic mayday.

And he says
When I grow up I want to be,
one of the harvesters of the sea.
I think before my days are done,
I want to be a fisherman.

"I'll live and die a fisherman."

Calling John the Fisherman.

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I guess I'd better not park here, if I'm going to fish here...
Hey...where's my truck?

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The ice on Lake Champlain is fading fast.  With the current weather forecast, I wouldn't recommend anyone venture out onto the ice. Period.  The ice is beginning to pull away from the shoreline everywhere, especially in areas where there are concrete sea-walls or rip-rap that absorb heat from the sun and then conducts heat into the surrounding ice and water.
The ice itself is getting very weak.  The latest report of someone going through is an ATV at Tabor Point. Fortunately, nobody was hurt and everyone got off the ice safely.  The ice has become very soft and honeycombed.  I drilled a couple dozen holes through the ice yesterday and found the ice very wet and mealy all the way through.  The ice brought up by the auger was wet, the consistency of a "snow-cone".
All the red-flags and danger signs are there! 


It's unfortunate the ice has begun to get unsafe so early.  The bigger fish (yellow perch) haven't yet moved into the shallows for their annual spawning ritual.  We tried to find them yesterday and couldn't get into any larger fish consistently.  We found a few mature adults which we returned to the water.  I'll miss pulling the big slab perch through the ice this spring but it's not worth risking my life over!

There's always next year...I think I'll hold off for safer ice!

Fish on, fish H8 me.