Super Bowl Weekend Perch on Lake Champlain

I thought I'd be far to busy to hit the ice this weekend but somehow I managed two short trips.
Friday evening I hit the ice for a quick 2 hour perch pulling session.  Came home with 21 keeper perch and threw back just as many small ones. (I hope to meet up with them in a few more years!)

Friday's Catch

This morning (Super Bowl Sunday) I figured I'd sneak out while everyone else was still asleep and see what I could do.   Cold and windy on the ice is what I faced.  No shack, no protection, no worries.  I only had about a two hour window.

Again, 21 nice keeper perch.  Just enough for Cathy and I to have for dinner some night.  This morning the perch were nicer.  I only threw back 4 small ones.  Maybe the larger ones had come in out of deeper water for the night?

Sunday's Catch

Yours Truly, a little cold, headed in.

Fish on, fish H8 me.

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