This time of the year, here in Vermont this topic comes up again and again.  I thought I'd re-post it!
It seems each year, there is controversy surrounding the shooting of fish in Vermont.

Some argue that it isn't a safe sport, others point out the absence of accidents.

I came across this interesting video and wanted to show it.

Vermont fishermen along the shores of Lake Champlain retain the right to 'shoot' fish.  Each year, pike return in large numbers to spawn in the marshes of the islands in Lake Champlain.  There is a long fishing/hunting tradition of both spearing the fish at night at culverts, and of shooting the fish in the marshes. You don't actually shoot the fish but just under it, to stun it, where you can then simply pluck it out of the water.  It is a cherished tradition among it's practitioners.

Fish on, fish H8 me.


William Johnson said...

Many people that are against this are transplanted flatlanders.

what does that matter, you may ask?

these people are not Vermonters, and they have no idea or choose to ignore the fact that Vermont was NOT an English colony, it was not one of the 13 colonies, that Vermonters --most famously teh Green Mountain Boys--were formed to fight New Yorkers!
Caught between New York colony and new Hampshire that both claimed Vermont, we fought the colonists and the English and the French and the Indians too.

After the American Revolution ended in 1781 Vermont was an INDEPENDENT REPUBLIC, our own Countryk, our own Nation, with our own Constitution.

And Vermont remained a separate Republic until it 8 years later when we asked Canada to join that country, Canada said no, sticking way down into the USA like we did we were impossible to defend for them. So being caught between the USA and Canada we asked to join the USA, NY voted against it, but we became the 14th state of the USA under the condition that NY would re-pay Vermont money owed, the old fueds of land ownewrship would end, AND we would retain our Constitution and add the US Constitution to ours.

So when flatlanders who move here now think they are right to voice their ignorant opinions, theyb forget they are in a Republic that has its own history and own ways and own Heritage.

If they think we should change being Vermonters they should first try remembering we didn't invite them, they are in OUR homeland, and we won't give up OUR HERITAGE and way of life simply because they are allowed to come here for the time being...it won't always be that way.
Bill Johnson,
Shaftsbury, Vermont

Raz said...

Thanks for taking the time to voice your opinion and providing the history lesson Bill!