Vermont's Landlocked Salmon Record.  12 Pounds, 10.4 ounces.
Taken by Brian Latulippe on October18, 1994.
Lake Champlain
What a beautiful Lake Champlain Landlocked Atlantic Salmon! 
The above picture was taken of Brian and his fish at Ron's Bait Shop in Colchester, the day of the catch.  Ron's has since closed it's doors.
Brian caught this beautiful fish while perch fishing at the sand-bar bridge on Lake Champlain.  An area known to have big salmon prowling at certain times. 

Below, is a more recent picture of the trophy fish mount.  This is the angler's son, Brian Latulippe Jr, proudly showing off the Vermont record his father caught.

Will the record ever be broken?  With the addition of alewife's for forage and increased sea lamprey control, it might get broken...someday.

Brian doesn't hope that it will, and rightly so!
It's a family treasure.  A treasure they can always be proud of.

Photo's courtesy of Brian Latulippe Jr.
Fish on, fish H8 me.

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