I copied this post from Moldy Chum.
It's great and well worth repeating.
It's why I fish. 
I fish because I like it.

Listen closely...I did, and I can appreciate it's meaning.
Whether your a fly guy or drag steel like myself, it applies.

"Keeps me honest...
the pursuit of a beautiful quarry.
...he eats or not.

Trying to make him eat is the challenge, literally to fool him...
He is at advantage even with his pea brain--as he is in his world...

It's not always exciting, doesn't have to be.
But it's never boring.
I fish because I like it.
It pleases me.
I've learned that the best fisherman in the world can't catch 'em if they ain't biting."

Fish on, Fish H8 me.

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Paddy Pike said...

Well Raz that just about sums it up for me my friend,