Can I break the Vermont Yellow Perch Record of 2.125 pounds? 
I think so (er...I'll remain positive anyway!)
Recently, I think I've discovered a "somewhat" hidden treasure of big slab Yellow Perch and I'm going after them when we get decent ice.

I paid a visit to the hidden treasure yesterday while traveling to my in-laws for a New Years Day lunch of Prime Rib.
I found a few folks that were milling around on the foggy, soft, slushy ice in Northeastern Vermont, the Northeast Kingdom as it's known in these parts.  They didn't have much to report when I asked how the fishing was, but that doesn't deter me at all.  The slabbers are there...and I'll find them!

At the same time...quite possibly I'll take a prize in the iceshanty.com on-line fishing tourney!

Where is this magical, mystical, slab filled body of water you might ask?
Just one hint: 
This pile of lots-a-balls is about half way between my house and the big slabs.

Oh, I mustn't forget my beautiful wife Cathy.  She currently holds the house-hold Yellow Perch thru the ice record. (See pic at bottom of page).  She's my toughest competition...I gotta beat her too!

Fish on, fish H8 me.


Paddy Pike said...

That is some perch she outfished you with, Good luck Perch fishing, One of my favourite fish to catch, I look forward to the reports,
Thanks for dropping by my blog with your regards,
All the best to you and yours for 2011,

John said...

Hi Raz, good luck on that record, but after looking at your photos, I don't think you need any more luck. LOL
Your Captain Midnight fly... are you downrigging it or casting?

Raz said...

Thanks guys...
John, when I run flies, I'm trolling. Sometimes with a rigger, sometimes lead-core line, or flat-lined 150 feet or so behind the boat with a small split-shot 18" or so in front of the fly.

WildFisherWoman said...

I know where this spectacular display of balls is! Drove by it one day while driving up yonder on my way to ? Hmmm.. Cant quite recollect now. :(