Having the boat in the water three times now...
and just one fish to show for it.
Matt did this Landlocked Atlantic yesterday after we both hooked and lost one each.
Fishing has been tough for me...
Slow ain't the word.
We've thrown everything except the kitchen sink at them
but can't seem to locate any active fish.

We beat the crap out of this one...
Bloodied eye, ripped lip, and a broken nose.

I might as well put the boat away.
I hear folks are doing better fishing from shore.
I'll keep fishing, it's got to get better soon!
Fish on, fish H8 me.



BrookfieldAngler said...

It always gets better! The first three months of the year were dreadful for me but are finally starting to pick up.

John said...

You spend less money on gas fishing from shore... who am I kidding... get back in your boat and have a good time!

WildFisherWoman said...

Raz! Where did you get that picture of me from! LOL! See you out there soon!

Shoreman said...

Keep plugging away. The fish Gods will reward you.


Paddy Pike said...

Raz raz raz,
When i was having a hard time you told me to stick with it and things would come around, Well i can only say your advice was very good for me and ime just going to say take your own advice, As for the last picture, Isn't that the WFW With her BMX haha,
Good Luck Raz,

Raz said...

Yup, it'll come around sooner or later Paddy.

Raz said...

See ya out there soon WFW!