We put a hurtin' on the fish, fishing Lake Champlain for Landlocked Atlantic's and Brown Trout this week-end.

Cathy piloted the boat Saturday...
We netted 13 Landlocks and lost three others.
A banner day considering this spring has been slower than normal.
A few are destined for the smoker.
Cathy's first day on the water this year and it was PERFECT!

The Brown Trout stayed elusive...
until Sunday aboard the Running&Gunning.
A couple good eater chunky footballs found their way to the net.

Casey with a green colored Brown

Then another nice Landlocked.
I fell just short of a qualifier for the Vermont Master Angler Program.
For the second time this year.

Total for the day, six or seven Landlocks and two Brown Trout.

And I loved the new Cannon Rod with the Daiwa 17LC I put on it!
Today's outing has been cancelled...
got a hard blow going on.

Fishing Lake Champlain for Landlocks, Brown's or Steel-head?
Be sure to pack some Honeybee's, they're hard to beat!

Fish on, fish H8 me.


John said...

The season's still young. More days like that and I'm sure you'll qualify. Great salmon Raz!

Trout Magee said...

Holy Salmon thats a big salmon. Keep the great pics coming. Those browns are healthy looking for sure.

BrookfieldAngler said...

Sounds like a great day out there with the family!!

When's the fish fry?

Paddy Pike said...

What a Corker of a Fishing trip,
The size of the big'un,
One things for sure you wont go hungry,
And the rod n reel look the part,
Well done all,


Holy Moly! Great Job! Thats a stellar day for sure right there!