When I pulled a 19” chunk of Chrome out of the box to show DaBoat and it jumped out of my hands and back into the lake, Ben and I laughed so hard and for so long, we permanently damaged our faces.

When a monster chunk of Chrome that rivaled Jodi Bushway’s (see 2011 Vt Fish/Game Digest cover) shot ten feet out of the water, then came out 2 feet again, and Ben and I realized it had just snapped his cheater, our chins hit the floor.

When we had hit about six or eight fish within the first ½ hour, Ben and I quit counting.

When Crazy Ivan called me to get me to a hotter area, we didn't make it because there were too many fish in the way.

When we had a triple and landed all three fish, we had scales, slime, lures, cheaters, a slide-diver, three fish, a net, and tangled line under our feet.

When I was talking to Thorny and he jokingly told me I was rude for the “fish-on” hang-up, I hung up again to help Ben net another 4 pound landlocked.

When I ran nothing but honeybees with green on them, over green/white vertical blades, 19’ down…well, I couldn't relax much.

When we hit the shore-line, loaded the boat, and headed down the road…we had (have) permanent smiles etched onto our faces.

When I emptied the live-well, I found smelt and alewife’s hiding among the ice cubes.

When fishing Lake Champlain...

Big Ben with a bloodied, beaten, bruised Landlocked

Honybees from Tamiron Sporting Goods
The ripped and torn Landlocks get to go home with us
Fish on, fish H8 me.



Hey! I know that handsome man! That's a great time right there. Too funny!

Paddy Pike said...

Looks like the Menu is set for the weekend then with all those landlocked in the fridge,
Well done, Makes me hungry just looking at them,
Top fishing,

BassnVT said...

Sounds like a heck of a day. Congratulations.

Paddy Pike said...

Come on Raz, Not seen any up-dates lately, Hope everything is ok in your part of the world,
Good luck for your next outing,

Raz said...

I know Paddy...I know.
I've been out a bunch! Many, many times.
Laziness I guess is my only excuse.

Bul...All is well! Thanks for your concern.

Anonymous said...

Pleasant Post. This post helped me in my college assignment. Thanks Alot