Governor Announces $500,000 in Clean & Clear Grants

News Release:
Montpelier, Vt. - Governor Jim Douglas has announced that $500,000 in Clean & Clear grants is available for ecosystem restoration projects.

"These grants will help our watershed partners improve water quality town by town across Vermont," the Governor said. "Vermonters are working together for our future environmental prosperity. That is the beauty of the Clean and Clear Program -the improvements we make on land have direct impacts on protecting Vermont's rivers, streams, ponds and lakes."

The Center for Clean and Clear is accepting one-page project "pre-proposals" until September 30. Through a competitive process, Vermont municipalities, local or regional governmental agencies, nonprofits and citizen groups can apply for the grants.

The Center is particularly interested in projects that: improve stream stability; incorporate the science of fluvial geomorphology in river corridor management decisions; protect against flood hazards and improve in-stream and riparian habitat; mitigate the effects of hydrologic modification associated with either agricultural operations or urban development; protect and restore riparian wetlands; re-establish lake shoreline native vegetation and related shoreline erosion corrections; and enhance the environmental and economic sustainability of agricultural lands.

Projects designed solely to address invasive species will generally not be considered.

Governor Douglas made water quality one of his top environmental priorities when he created the Center for Clean and Clear six years ago. Since then, the state has invested more than $40 million and leveraged an additional $40 million in federal funds to implement water quality programs that have garnered national recognition and awards.

The Center for Clean and Clear will then work with proponents to develop either more detailed proposals or project work plans for funding consideration. More information and grant guidelines can be found at: http://www.anr.state.vt.us/cleanandclear/index.htm.

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