Now that the on-set of slower fishing for Landlocked Atlantic's is here, we've switched up to jigging for Yellow Perch. Our target is Yellow Perch but as luck would have it, other species sometimes join in as well.

Cathy and I were out last weekend, and did pretty well. We ended up with somewhere around 4 dozen Yellow Perch, a few dozen White Perch and two Small Mouths.

Here's Cathy with a nice summer perch.
We didn't take time to measure or weigh this smallie but I'm guessing it at 3.5 pounds.
Quickly released.
This morning, Ashley and I went out. We probably caught 5 or 6 dozen fish. They were pretty much a 50/50 mixed bag of Yellow Perch and White Perch.
Some of the White Perch were pretty good sized and very scrappy!
Ashley and I had a riot!

Ashley with a nice summer Yellow Perch.

That's two successful trips targeting Yellow Perch since the salmon shut-down. Another time we went out, the lake was too bumpy and we weren't comfortable getting out of St Albans Bay. The Bay is just too warm, and probably has less oxygen. We couldn't locate any fish.

These fish were taken off Kibbie Point in 40 feet of water, most taken within the bottom two feet. Jigging with minnows. All released.

We noticed these two hitch-hikers on the steering wheel while we were fishing.
Fish on, fish H8 me.


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