Are the Salmon Beginning to Fall Back Into the Lake?

It's still early in the fall for the cold water species fishing to kick off in Lake Champlain but it looks as though it has begun.

Indications are that the Salmon are beginning to return to the lake after their annual migration up the tributaries.  Some of the local fisherman have been out since late summer, mostly catching smaller, immature fish that were stocked this spring.

However, recently some bigger, nicer landlocks are reportedly being caught.

"CrazyIvan" boated 14 legal Salmon and lost at least 10 during a recent outing.
Take a look at this beautiful 24" Landlocked Atlantic landed by CrazyIvan, fishing solo, in heavy seas!

Congratulaions to CrazyIvan on his impressive catch.

On another boat, a crew of three managed an impressive GRAND SLAM.  An outstanding catch of the four Cold Water species that Lake Champlain has to offer. Landlocked Atlantic Salmon, Brown Trout, Lake Trout, and Steel-head!  AMAZING!

Congratulaions to all!

Of the Salmon, this trio netted 22 legal sized fish. A great day on Lake Champlain.

Kicking off the fall "Frostbite Season"!

Fish on, fish H8 me.

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Ludovic said...

Nice blog!

I'm from Montreal and I was thinking returning to fish in Sand Bar, near South Hero, I hope they will come back soon this salmon :)