October 18th on the New York Side of the Lake

  Sunday, I had the pleasure of fishing on Rob's boat along with Bill and Mike.  We left  Burlington Harbor just before sun up with air temperature hovering around 28 degrees and headed out across the lake to the New York shoreline.  We began to set up just as the sky was beginning to show some light.
  We got set up just out side of Willsboro Bay and headed South.  Fishing was slow and we finally found some fish that would hit our lines near Ligonier Point.  We trolled around Ligonier Point  for a while and then decided to head further south towards the Mouth of the Bouquet River.  Entering the River Delta, we had a salmon hit, a "barely legal" fatty that was released to be caught again another day.  We trolled out around the shallow delta, trying to stay on the ledge and found a few more fish just south of the red buoy.  Nothing big, but enough to keep us active and happy.
  After a few passes in this area we decided it was getting near time to head back.  We pulled our lines and headed over to make a pass or two outside the Burlington Breakwater.  Rob was setting out a lead core line, only had half a color out when a salmon hit. "Hey Fish On" he yells.  We thought we'd be into them good at the breakwater but it wasn't meant to be.  That was the only fish netted on the Vermont side today.
  Time to go we agreed as Mike and Bill had other engagements to attend.  All in all not a  bad day.  We didn't "smoke 'em" but had a riot.  Great company on a Great Lake! We ended up netting 8 Salmon and 1 Lake Trout.  We lost 4 or 5 other fish that didn't want to stay hooked.  We kept a total of 3 Salmon and the Lake Trout for the grill.
Lead core set ups, 4 to 5 colors seemed to take most of the fish.  The fish were hard to find and finicky, and most of them wanted small red and white spoons today.  The laker took a larger blue and white Magnum spoon from Tamiron.

The fishing should get better from here on out.  Get out there if you can.

Fish on, fish H8 me.™


pikepicker said...

Nice Blogg Gerry! I like your passion for Champlain as well! Pike adventures.blogspot.com

dave lindsay said...

i fel a get together comin together when i get over there in may ......