Fisherman putting their time in on the water, fishing for Lake Champlain's cold-water species; Lake Trout, Landlocked Salmon, and Brown Trout are putting fish in their nets.  Now that the ice has disappeared from the lake, boats are being unwrapped, launched, and on the prowl in search of feeding fish.

The key to fishing these species at this time of the year is to troll very shallow water with a temperature probe on the surface. Some fish are being caught in water as shallow as three feet!  Look for warmer pockets of water and troll just under the surface.  Running lines a long distance behind the boat is key, most fisherman are running lures 100 feet or more.  Fishing with planer boards is also an important and successful technique.  As the boat passes near fish in shallow water, they'll move off to the side where a planer board is likely to place your bait near the fish.

One of the hottest lures this time of the year is the small Honeybee by Tamiron Sporting Goods.  Honeybee's are available on line here, or by visiting Dockside Outdoors on Route 2 headed toward the Champlain Islands.

Get out on the water, be safe, and put in your time.  You'll be pleasantly rewarded!

Fish on, fish H8 me.


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