What a big beautiful Lake Champlain Brown Trout.  Absolutely the finest specimen I've seen from the jewel we call Lake Champlain.

Theresa Bilodeau was trolling on the Inland Sea with her husband Matt.  They were in the third day of the Lake Champlain International Derby when the fish hit a black and white Hi-Tech with a purple stripe, running behind the stealthy Lite Bite Slide Diver.
Theresa's fish weighed an impressive 5.78 pounds, the largest I've seen from Champlain!  Although it was the largest Brown Trout entered into the derby, it fell short of "placing", due to the derby not having a separate category for Brown Trout, and it had to be entered into the salmon category.

Theresa and Matt decided to give the catch a permanent place in thier home, on the wall.  I would have done the same!

Congratulations Theresa on a fine catch!

Fish on, fish H8 me.

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Coloradocasters said...

Oh that is a super fatty!!! It must have been sitting there in the current with its mouth open the whole time. Food just floated right in. Great job! I Like!