Late last fall, news starting spreading around Lake Champlain of the Slide Diver Lite Bite.  I ordered one during the winter months, and early in the spring, consulted with the designer of the product, Randy Even, of U-Charters Inc.  Randy was very helpful in helping me set it up properly and recommending the proper line to use with his product.

I began fishing with it once the fish began to move from the shallows out over deeper water in early May.  It wasn't long before I realized this was a great "stealthy" presentation, enabling me to put the spookiest of fish in the net.

On May 23rd, Cathy and I were fishing the northern "Georgia" shoreline on the inland sea when the Slide Diver Lite Bite fired.  Once the fish was netted, we realized this was a steel-head!  Normally, quite a rare catch in Lake Champlain I knew I had been blessed by the fish-gods, A steel-head on the Lite Bite!
I had already caught Landlocked Atlantic Salmon and some very nice Champlain Brown Trout on the Slide Diver Lite Bite, now, with a Steel-Head in the net, I realized there was just one more Lake Champlain cold-water species to hook up and net using the Lite Bite...A Lake Trout.

Not being a Lake Trout fisherman, I thought it might take me a while.  My Lake Trout are far and few between and are "incidentals" while fishing for Salmon and Browns.  I began to use stick-baits with the slide diver, hoping to catch a Lake Trout while concentrating on my usual targets with a downrigger on the other side of the boat.  Three or four trips out, nothing.  Small, freshly stocked Salmon were all I was able to hook up with on the stick baits.  This was beginning to be a challenge.  A challenge I was liking!

Thursday night, June 17th I spoke with a friend of mine, Mark.  Mark owns the MarknFish and invited me to join him on Friday for a day of trolling.  Mark suggested I bring the Slide Diver Lite Bite as he hadn't yet seen one in action.  I explained I had already planned on it...I need a Laker!
We hit the water early Friday morning with his young neighbor, Wade.  We set up and began trolling for Salmon, but one of my rods was set up and on a mission:  to get a Lake Trout on the Lite Bite Slide Diver!  I put the diver out, changed lures periodically, and watched and waited.  Then I decided to have it dive deeper, off the chart that comes with the diver.  Down I sent it, down, down, down...
And soon it happened, it fired and line started peeling.  I grabbed the rod and begun to adjust the drag, playing the fish.  "Laker" I yelled, "It feels like a Laker!"
After a few tense moments at the net, the fish was in the boat. A Lake Champlain Lake Trout on the Slide Diver Lite Bite!  THE FINAL FOURTH!!  Ye-Haa's echoed off the steep rocky banks of the lake, and high-fives all around!

Here is a picture of Wade, holding the Lake Trout that closed the deal, THE FINAL FORTH!!

If your looking for a new presentation or wanting to do some controlled depth fishing without using a down-rigger for whatever reason, I highly recommend the Slide Diver Lite Bite! 
Slide Diver Lite Bites are available locally on Lake Champlain or on-line by visiting Dockside Outdoors!

Tight lines!
Fish on, fish H8 me.


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