Cathy and I finally got on the water the other day and it was beautiful fall day to be on Lake Champlain.
We launched out of Converse Bay in search of salmon activity and found it right away.
When we launched, we immediately headed over to Whallons Bay to get out of the wind to set up.  I hadn't even got all our lines in the water when the first fish hit...
A dandy leaping silver Landlocked Atlantic Salmon.

The bigger mature fish are difficult to find in the lake right now as most of them are spawning in the rivers.
But...that doesn't mean there aren't any Landlocks to have fun with.  The fish that were stocked in the early spring, have been eating well and enjoying life in Lake Champlain.  These fish are now of legal size for the most part, most of them being between 16 and 17 inches, fat like footballs, and full of energy!

Four of the 12 fish we netted came home for the table.
I'm thinking the nice thin fillets will be absolutly delicious lightly breaded and pan fried...
or poached, or grilled, or broiled...
(Any way but loose!)

The hot color was pink or orange.  A gold MP-6 Honeybee from Tamiron Sporting Goods with orange, and a silver Speedy Shiner with pink took the most fish.  I tried lots of stuff to see what would work.  I couldn't seem to get any fish on green, purple, or blue.

The fish as of right now, are higher in the water column.  All our fish came from 15 to 48 feet down over 200 plus feet of water. 
We'll see if that changes when the big mature fish return to the lake!

Fish on, fish H8 me.


Paddy Pike said...

I bet those fish shown from the catch taste as good as they look, I think Pan fried would be the one to do, But you could try them all,
Well done,

Ryan said...

That will be good eats! I keep a few every year to grill on the campfire while camping. Doesn't get any better.

The Average Joe Fisherman

Anonymous said...

Hey, Raz, those are some dandy Atlantic Salmon. They sure look like plump footballs too me! Thanks for the post and sharing the pictures.

blake said...

Got to love chrome fish :)

hajarwan said...

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