What a beautiful fall day to be out on the water.  Lake Champlain was fore-casted to have up to three foot waves but I found a totally different scene when I arrived.  Granted I didn't get on the water untill just after the noon hour, and the folks coming off the water said the fishing was hot...untill the wind died down and the lake flattened out.
Well, they were right.  No problem with rough water and the fish were inactive.  Landlocked Salmon, Brown Trout, and Steel-head are all present but laughing at my spoons as I washed them behind the boat.  I tried every tactic I could think of and every color in the rainbow...including the rainbow!!!
I saved the day by managing to net two Lake Trout that were on the smaller side, but they brought a smile to my face just the same.
Released to be caught again another day, to bring a smile to another anglers face.


Then my phone rang...
My wife was at the Mall in South Burlington when she heard the description of her SUV with her license plate number come over the intercom.
It seems that some scumbag broke into her vehicle to steal our wonderful family pet.  CoKo Pug.

Scared but uninjured, CoKo was still in the SUV.  The rear hatch broken open, shards of glass everywhere...

I'm fishing for a different species.  I'm fishing for the guilty party.
Guilty beware!

Fish on, fish H8 me.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes the fish just have to get the better of us, don't they? At least you were not looking at a "skunk". Sad to hear about your vehicle, but, glad Coko made it through the traumatic experience. Good luck in nailing the guilty!

troutrageous1 said...

That's a very cool rainbow pic, have never seen anything quite like that before. As far as CoKo, glad everything was OK (besides the smashed window). I have a pug too (Caesar), it wouldn't be good if someone made off with him.

Paddy Pike said...

Well i was not expecting this sort of report, First of all i am glad the Thieving Ba***r*s Never got your Dog, And i hope that they get some of there own, Or at least caught on CCTV,
Sorry you never caught any whoppers, But as long as the Family are ok, Everything else can be cleaned up, Dont let your frustration and anger get you into trouble,
Hope things get better for you all very soon,
All the best to you and yours,