Yesterday was opening day of the 2010 Vermont Firearms Deer Hunting Season.
Since I gave up hunting several years ago, I decided to drag some steel on Lake Champlain in hopes of picking up some Landlocked Atlantic Salmon, Steel-head, and Brown Trout.
As I trolled by Jon, he shot this picture of me...Thanks Jon!

What a beautiful day on the lake.  Virtually no winds, very slight chop, and temps that got up into the 40's! (It was 27° F when I left the house shortly after day-break.)

I didn't set the world on-fire but enjoyed fishing on the lake.  I ended the day with a half dozen "clone" Landlocked Salmon and a few Lake Trout.  I kept two of the clones to enjoy on the grill, and found plenty of help cleaning them from two of our Grand-daughters when I got home.

Haley is showing off two of the twenty small alewife's we found in the stomach contents of one of the fish!

Makayla, proudly displaying one of G-Pa's catches!

Thanks for the help girls!

Fish on, fish H8 me.


Paddy Pike said...

Great catching, And i love the idea of the Grandchildren helping out with the prep work with the fish, Well done them, And what a great name for the food the fish had eaten Alewife, You got to love it, Well done on a great write up Raz,
Regards to all the family,

Anonymous said...

Hey Raz, good to see you still plying the water even as she cools off quite a bit. Really nice picture of you and your boat, but, the best pictures of all are your granddaughters enjoying the experience of preparing fish. Great looking kids!

Ryan said...

Now that's how you spend the day. Better than hunting any day if you ask me. Always nice to have some help too!

The Average Joe Fisherman

blake said...

sure is better then watching squirrels, i'm not a hunter either so i fish year round!