And the winner is...

Ron Winter of Essex Junction Vermont with a dandy 23 inch Landlocked weighing in at 5.11 pounds.
Congratulations Ron!
Ron caught the winning fish on one of Champlain's hottest lures, a Honeybee from Tamiron Sporting Goods.

The second annual Frostbite Fleet Salmon Shootout was an absolute riot.  A fun FREE event with a Bar-B-Que at the end to wrap up the day.

It's tough to find the big fish in open water at this time of the year on Lake Champlain, but three dandy, leaping, bright silver, powerhouse, Lake Champlain Landlocked Atlantic Salmon made it to the weigh station after the five and a half hour event.

Second place in the event went to a new comer, Bill Snell of New Haven Vermont with a 4.14 pound landlocked.  Congratulations Bill!

Lucky for me, I was able to get a decent fish in the box and headed for the weigh-in scheduled for 1 PM.
A beautiful football shaped 4.12 pound salmon hit my line about 45 minutes before time to "quit".  Ben of Dockside Outdoors was on-board with me and netted the beast.  We whooped and hollered and headed in once the fish was safely boxed.  Thanks Ben!

The fish was good for a third place finish.  The trophy won't set on my mantle this year, but the memories of a fun filled event with a great bunch of fisherman will last the rest of my lifetime!

364 days to go untill the next Frostbite Salmon Shootout and I can hardly wait.

Until then, I'll keep at it, often solo, enjoying the jewel we call Lake Champlain and it's wonderful fishery!

Tight lines to all!

Fish on, fish H8me.


Paddy Pike said...

Great fishing, Well done to all, They are huge Landlocked, Hope you get to keep them, If they tast as good as they look they will be fantastic,

Raz said...

Thanks Paddy...
These Landlocks are delicious table fare!

Ryan said...

Third place. Not to shabby. Sounds like fun time... and good eats too!

The Average Joe Fisherman

Paddy Pike said...

Now thats what i call good news Raz, We have a Man made land locked salmon run near to us in the UK, But the fish are farm grown then added when the right size, But its expencive to fish it, Around £100 for 4 hours, And you cant even take a fish from the water, But they will sell you one that is frozen, Just not the same as Eating your catch,
All the best,

WildFisherWoman said...

Im glad you guys had such a fun time! Its all I heard about the rest of the day!