I recently made a purchase for some new soft-water fishing gear through Tackle Direct and feel compelled to give them a plug.

Shipping was unbelievably fast and items were packaged exceptionally well...
My new equipment was packaged so that it arrived as I expected; NEW!
Not damaged, worn, used looking, or trashed.

Hats off and thank you to Tackle Direct!

Fish on, fish H8 me.


Paddy Pike said...

Now that is good news Raz, There arent many people taking the time to Plug somone for a job well done,
Top Man,

Shoreman said...

Hey Raz. I went out and took a look at their website. Prices look comparable to Cabela's. The next time I need to order, I'll see if they have what I need and if so, I'll give them a shot.

John said...

OK Raz... I'll bite. What did you buy at Tackle Direct?

Paddy Pike said...

Hahaha John youve let the side down haha, Well i was wondering how Raz would tell us hehehe

Raz said...

John, Paddy...
Packaging is great. I was most impressed with the packaging of a new rod I bought. I thought I'd try the Cannon 8 ft, 2 piece, light action down-rigger rod this spring. Model BLC802L. Tackle Direct seemed the only place I could find it.
This was my first purchase from them and my first impression was a good one!

Paddy Pike said...

What a top piece of kit, Those fish better go into hideing come spring,
Good Luck,