or should I say...
from one extreme to the other!

Saturday was good, not great.  We cleaned 53 keeper perch from the west side of St. Albans Bay.
Nothing over ten inches but a couple of good meals.

Sunday was almost a bust, almost a skunk,,,
at least as far as good perch thru the ice goes.

Sunday was in Mallets Bay, wanting to pull yellow perch through the Lake Champlain ice.
First fish on....
This laker, must of been an eight pounder, maybe more.  A great 15 minute battle on 4 pound test Berkley FireLine  Fused Micro Ice Crystal (the best stuff on an ice jigging rod!)
Caught within 2 minutes of fishing, and released for someone else to enjoy.
A couple more small perch, too small to keep including this trophy!

From one extreme to the other.
Just another fun, enjoyable weekend on the ice of Lake Champlain!

Sorry it had to end!

Fish on, fish H8 me.


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