Our ten year old Grandson, Justin is beginning to show some real interest in going fishing with us.  The other night he called and asked if he could spend the weekend.  When Cathy mentioned we "may" do some hardwater fishing on Lake Champlain, he was thrilled.

We stopped by Dockside, said hello to Mike and others, then Justin bought his first "scoop" of small fatheads to use as bait, and signed his first "Vermont Baitfish Transportation Receipt". 
Off we go...

I had an idea on where I wanted to fish as I had been on the phone, checking with friends on the ice.  So far, reports weren't good.  It appeared the fishing was slow everywhere.  Not good. I explained to Justin, "if we're out there doing our part, the rest is up to the fish!"

We checked several areas and talked to fisherman coming off the ice.  "No, no fish".  "Very few".  "One yellow perch in an hour".  "Three of us got 10 perch in 5 hours".  "Should have been here yesterday", were the responses I was getting.  Well, in one particular spot, with open water not too far off, the eye's of the "fisherman" that just came off the ice told a different story.  "We're going back to Hill Rd" I told Cathy and Justin, "I don't think that fella we talked to was being truthful".

We ventured out several hundred yards and Justin said his feet and legs were beginning to get cold.  The temperature was in the single digits and we were quartering into a 7 mph breeze from the North. We needed to get the portable shack set up and the heat going.  "Just a little further I explained".

We stopped and got set up.  Justin warmed up and was able to take his heavy coat off once the heater was on and the shack warmed up.  A few quick lessons and it was fish on. From that point on, it was all smiles!  "This is fun" Cathy and I heard over and over as Justin kept pulling yellow perch through the ice.  One after another.  Like a pro! 

We ended up with a nice catch of perch.  We kept the fish larger than 9 inches, had a few in the "pounder" class, a five gallon bucket 1/2 full when the sun fell below the horizon and we headed for the truck.

The jury is still out:  Who caught the most?  Who caught the biggest? I think Justin wins those categories. Who had the most fun, Cathy and I, or Justin?  hmmm...
I don't think any of us will ever forget Justin's first Perch Pulling on the ice of Lake Champlain.

He was again, cold when we got to the truck, but nevertheless, is looking forward to his next adventure, Pulling Perch through the ice on Lake Champlain!  Maybe, just maybe, we can get him out next weekend!  I don't think we'll have to twist his arm!

Fish on, fish H8 me.

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