Saturday at the Cow-banks was a slower day fishing than we would have liked.  The fish weren't very active and the quality definitely wasn't there either.
Sunday we moved north, to an area we've only fished in March, when the ice is readily deteriorating and the yellow perch are headed towards spawning grounds, waiting for the water to warm.

it wasn't real hot action, but we found some nicer fish.
We punched holes, waited, and nothing happened.  We moved out deeper, punched holes again and waited.  Then a fish hit...Okay, we'll set up "camp" here.

Schools of fish would come and go.  We'd get steady hits, put a few of them into the bucket, and then wait for the next school of perch to come by.  Sometimes the wait would be a few minutes, sometimes as long as 15 or so.

But...that's okay.  The fishing included catching.  And,,, it included quality time with my wife.  Quiet, except for the radio playing quietly in the background.  Quiet, without anyone else around.  There wasn't another fisherman within a mile of us. 
Nice and quiet.

Cathy did it again...set a new personal best Lake Champlain Yellow Perch record. 

In fact...since we've been together, and keeping  "record" of our catch, she's been on the leader-board, hands down when it comes to pulling big perch thru the ice.

This nice fatty went a solid 12-1/2 inches with a nice plump belly.  I can only imagine what this fish would look like in another couple of months, just prior to spawning.

We stopped fishing with our "limit" of what we're comfortable with to clean.  If we have too many to clean, it becomes a chore and can have a negative effect on the entire experience.  We packed our fish in vacuum bags to be enjoyed another day.  Yummy Lake Champlain Yellow Perch.

Fish on, fish H8 me.


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