After getting the boat out of surgery Thursday afternoon, and getting it ready in the evening, it was time to hit the water.

Friday, shakedown;
I fished solo all day. Launched in St Albans Bay and stayed within a mile or so of the launch in case I had trouble. Found some warmer pockets of water (52°) but no salmonids. After a few hours, I motored down toward the sandbar and trolled till mid afternoon, then motored back up to the bay. No Salmonids.
Pike and Pickerel. One pickerel was the largest I've ever caught. I learned they like Tamiron honeybees and MP6.
Boat ran well. All systems GO, no problems. But...no desired species.
All fish released to fight another day.

Fished with Ludo, a friend from the Canadian Province of Quebec. We had a good time and Ludo acted as my interpreter. That made the day that much more interesting as there were quite a few fisherman from Quebec on the water using their marine radios!  Thank you Ludo for joining me. We started north of the sand-bar, then moved to the south side. Ludo put the first fish in the boat, a big northern. Ludo released the Pike.  Then we got a big slab perch. OH NO--NOT ANOTHER DAY OF THIS!!!
We ended up 3 for 6 or 7 on salmon/browns. Early colors were green/orange on silver, then things switched to orange on brass later in the day. It was nice talking with quite a few fisherman on the water.  A big thanks to Lazy C's for the water-hand-off spoon! It ended up taking a nice salmon (and the big northern).
The fished I cleaned had empty stomachs.
Again, the boat ran well.

Ludo with a nice Landlocked Salmon and Brown Trout.

Slept in till after six...I was a little beat from two full days on the water.
I Launched at Apple Island with my wife Cathy. Her first time on the water this year. The sea was very rough with winds from the North so we headed south under the bridge, set up, and worked the prior days pattern. Talked with Thorny aboard the Pointer and they had boated one fish. Phil B (trolling B's) called, he was on the Sea, working the rough water. We worked the water for a few hours, one release with fish gone in seconds. Then a nice (spawned out) walleye hit.
Closed season...quick picture and back in it goes.

A quickly released Walleye.

We didn't want to fish late and Phil reported the Sea was beginning to lay down and he had netted two fish. We picked up and moved north with intentions of fishing another 1.5 hours. I taped up a brass blank with a stripe of tamiron yellow tape, then applied a layer of tamiron transparent orange. We went 3 for 3 on Salmon in 1.5 hours to finish the day. All cookie cutters, 17-18". Good eats. These fish were full of alewife's.
Again, the boat did well.
All fish caught were clean with the exception of one Pike having a lamprey wound.
Tight lines to all.
Be safe if you go out!

Chunky Champlain Brown Trout

Fish on, fish H8 me.

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pikepicker said...

Razz...you got a pic of the pike and pickerel you can send me for the blog??? If you do i would appreciate it! thanks bud...nice post...thanks for releasing!!!