I'd better play catch up.
I've been on the water a lot lately.  As of today, I've managed being on the boat trolling, five out of the last seven days.  I've taken the time to enjoy what I love, but have ignored sharing it.  Shame-shame-shame.  Thanks goes out to my wife Cathy for reminding me to share.
I've done so-so, been skunked, and have done "quite well".  Fishing for landlocked salmon and brown trout on Lake Champlain has been screwy lately.  Fish bite on one part of the lake while another part, they remain very tight-lipped.

Lets see, how about just a quick synopsis;

Friday, 4-30-twenty-ten...
Fished solo.  It was slow, I fished 5 hours, went two for three on Landlocked Salmon.  Didn't get any Browns...The Tamiron Honeybee, Lemon with Hot Pink Head and Tail took all the fish.

Sunday, 5-2-twenty-ten...
Took out my lovely daughter Ashley.  This was her first time on the lake this year.  Sweet of her to go and hang out with Dad.  Again... slow, we were able to run a four-rod program but again, we were two for three on Landlocks, no Browns again.  Darn.
Monday, 5-3-twenty-ten...
Cathy had the day day off and I was looking forward to her joining me on the water.  I let her sleep in and tried to hide my excitement of another day of fishing, especially in her company.  It didn't work, she called my bluff!

I'm hearing great, positive news on catch rates in a different part of the lake than where I normally fish.  Short road trip I'm thinking.  We hit the water mid-morning, set up and was fishing about 9:30ish.  There were a few boats in the area we wanted to hit, I didn't want to feel like I was crowding them, so we went into search mode.  After a couple hours, we found some active fish hanging over bait in deep water.
We did much better... We ended up six for eight or nine on Salmon.
We caught fish on down riggers, long lines (165 feet back!), lead-core, and lite bite slide divers. Two fish were taken on the slide divers, pretty cool.  The slide divers are a new presentation for me this year...I'm liking them already!

Again, honeybees by Tamiron ruled the water!

Tuesday, 5-5-twenty-ten...
I've created a single post....see above post titled: Surfin' Safari...Cinco de Mayo

Be safe if you go out.  Remember the water is still very cold and within minutes, hypothermia can set in.  Wear an approved personal floatation device!

Fish on, fish H8 me.

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