With Justin at the helm, all eyes peeled, looking for the perfect fishing spot, we began our day in search of yellow and white perch on Lake Champlain.
It wasn't long before we found the right spot, threw out the anchor, baited our hooks, and began to reel in Champlain's Yellow Perch.

Justin, 11 and Brandon, 8 were aboard the Razzle Dazzle to show their "G-Pa" and "Ra-Ra" how it's done.  Both these fellas came prepared with brand new rod and reel combos, fresh line, sharp hooks, and plenty of live bait.
"Fish-on...I got one!" exclaimed Justin.  Soon to follow was Brandon, his rod bent over, line straining, a big yellow perch fighting for it's life, Brandon fighting for a trophy and the notoriety that goes with it.

With their backs to each other, each not wanting to give up their fish catching secrets, not wanting to share techniques, they concentrated.  Sometimes jigging, sometimes "swimming" the bait, sometimes letting it lay motionless.
These guys are great fisherman, and the excitement that could be heard in their voices throughout the entire trip is evidence they love the sport.  They love to be "fisherman".

Cousins forever, fisherman for fun.  One is an aspiring Lego designer, the other is a future soccer Pro.
And...they both like to feel the pull of fish!

With tired arms and smoking reels that needed to be rebuilt, it was time to quit.  Time to "relax" in the cool clear waters of Lake Champlain.  Stow the gear and "hit" the water with a splash. 
Fun times for 'ol G-Pa, Ra-Ra, Justin, and Brandon.

Thanks guys for the super fun day!  We'll do it again!

Fish on, fish H8 me.



Coloradocasters said...

Oh man, you even let them drive the boat!!! That is a summer time dream come true. You are the best.

webster said...

very nice Raz

WildFisherWoman said...

The first pic is hilarious.. Love it! Looks like a good time!

Nathan loves fishing said...

Brandon and Justin seemed to have a great day awesome pictures