The End of the Summer Salmon Bite

With the recent cold front that has moved in, it appears that the summer Landlocked Salmon bite is pretty much over. The landlocks will now be "tight lipped" and will begin to start staging at the tributary's for their annual spawning migration. Yes, some fish will be caught, those that are aggressive and get something thrown in front of them that they feel the need to hit. Some of the tributary fisherman will get some fish, and when I hear of it, I'll post a report and hopefully have some photo's to share.
But, for the most part, it's over until late October or early November. When the time comes that the fish fall back into the lake, they'll be ravenous hungry, starved, and the fishing will be at it's best. It won't be uncommon to have a six, eight, or even 10 fish an hour day. The fishing will be non-stop, action packed, reels screaming, rods bent, silvers jumping, awesomely fun.
I'll be back after them.
Until then, if I can get on the water--I'll target yellow perch.
This year was a banner year for salmon fisherman. With Sea Lamprey Control underway and the invasion of a new food source, the Alewife, the salmon are getting bigger and healthier.
Another bonus this year, especially on the inland sea, or northeast arm of Lake Champlain, was the high number of "incidental" Walleye caught by fisherman fishing for cold water species, Landlocked Salmon and Brown Trout.
I was fortunate enough to catch one this season, a nice 6.9 pound walleye that made up two delicious meals.

Here's a few more nice fish, both Landlocked Salmon and Walleye I thought I would post. Most all of these fish were again, from the inland sea.
10.5 Walleye and a nice Landlocked
11-1/2 pound Walleye
Beautiful Brown Trout and a Landlocked
Although these next two fish didn't come from the inland sea, I want to throw them in. This is the winning Landlocked Salmon taken during the LCI Derby. The anglers name is Alan Nute and this fish weighed in at 9.4 pounds. Congratulations to Alan.
Then, this season, again during the LCI Derby a huge record breaking Lake Trout was caught by 14 year old Patrick Dupont. This fished weighed an impressive 15.9 pounds and was the over-all winner. Congratulations Patrick!
The improved quality of the fish we're seeing this year is proof that lamprey control is working in Lake Champlain. Thanks to the many organizations that care about our lake and its fishery.
Fish on, fish H8 me!



swese44 said...

Wow, those are some beautiful fish! You should consider posting some of those at FellowFishermen.com, you can even share your exact locations and find new places to go fishing.

Captain Mick said...

Great site Gerry! I enjoy your videos, blog and these fish pictures too. The best to you with this project. I'll keep checking back...

In The Lake Champlain Bonds,
Captain Mick