Silver and Gold

This post was written by Ron, an avid Lake Champlain Fisherman. Ron's boat is called the Digitroll, a Sea Nymph, set up especially well for Lake Champlain Salmonids. The Digitroll

Here's Rons Story:
Well the mystery guests today was my High School Classmate Penny and her daughter Dayna (Grand Isle residents) and her best freind Tiffany from Virginia up here for vacation. The only way to break the streak of bad luck for me was to invite lady luck today times 3! The plan was to pick them up at Apple Bay at 10:00 and have them back on the dock by 1 pm.
Started out solo (life jacket on) with a little pre-scouting around 8:45 am and met Tony at the dock waiting for a charter and giving me some heads up stuff on the Sea. Slipped out in very dark cloudy conditions in front of the Cowbanks. I was seeing some nice bait and big hooks from 35 - 50 feet down. Hmmm, very interesting. Put down the first rod with a blue/silver speedy shiner at 50 feet with a cheater. I was starting to set the other cheater on the second rigger and the first went off. Haven't seen a release in weeks. What was this I thought? A very nice 27" Eye on the Speedy Shiner all the way to the net. Weighed 7.1 lbs on my smaller digital scales. What a way to start. Started working the fish and bait and one hour later just before pulling the lines a 17" salmon fired.
Picked the gals up on the dock. There first time fishing on Champlain and Tiffany's first time fishing period. We set up at 10:15 and I put my favorite Bomber long A silver black prism down 45 feet back 70 feet. Put out a Dodger fly on the Thumper rig out 150 feet about 50 feet down. After being set-up with 3 riggers and the Thumper. The Bomber / Rigger rod goes off and it was Tiffany's first fish ever. A beautiful 25.5 inch Eye that weighed 5.2 lbs on the scales. The next hour it was very busy with salmon during a rain shower with the best fish 19.5". We couldn't keep a rod in the water!
Once the front passed and cleared off the bite shutdown with a wind switch from the North and a 1 ft chop. We had a great day today and it felt great that the ladies had such a good time and I got rid of the funk that has been plaguing me lately with hook ups. Nothing like the Sea to turn the tables on the bite as it's been white hot lately.
We did catch about a 1/2 dozen fat stockies about 13". I attribute this to fishing higher in the water column today trying for some of those tasty Eye's.
Mark n Fish was out there and a veteran crew on the Thorny machine (Razzle / Popster) made for great company today. Heard they really put the hurt on them after we left at 1 pm. with the afternoon bite.
Some great eating for our results today and can't wait to cook that big one tomorrow night.
No blades in the water today and long leads (50-70 ft) off the riggers. The one custom taped copper Bee MP6 was really hot for us. Most of the bites from 45-60 feet at 2.7 ground speed. 4 hours fished today and fuel burn was 2.2 gallons.Nice to fish along side Mark n Fish today and Thorny and see Capt. Tony at the dock! Thanks folks!Great day to fish! The fish gods were smiling.

Tiffany with her first fish: Note the black and chrome Bomber in the lower part of the picture. We lost it with a snapped leader a few hours later. I had only one. It was the same lure that caught the 13.5 lb Lake trout 1.5 years ago.

Danya with her first salmon


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