Summer, A Quick Reflection

This being the first post I thought I'd back up a little.

This summer we probably haven't been on the water as much as I would have liked but we've been successful each time out. Knock on wood...we haven't been skunked...yet that is. Everybody gets skunked, everybody!!

Lets take a minute here and reflect on a few of the fish so far this year.

This is one of our target species. This is a 3.7 pound Landlocked Atlantic Salmon. A fun fish to catch. They get the idea they can fly when hooked, and sometimes they can. They leap like crazy. A real riot.

Here's my first mate with a Landlocked and a Champlain Brown Trout. These are both very good table fare. This is what we're generally after.

One day I had my daughter Ashley out driving the boat for me. She was doing such a great job she put me on two fish at once. One rod fired with huge salmon on three colors of leadcore, quite a way behind the boat. Another rod fired that was set on a down rigger only 15' behind the boat. I quickly set the lead core rod back in the rod holder and grabbed the rod that just fired. A brown I could tell by the way it was digging. "Here honey, want to take this for me?" Her eyes lit right up, she grabbed the rod and her fight was on. Soon enough, it was in the net. Her first cold water species, a Lake Champlain Brown Trout!

As everyone knows, sometimes it's not the targeted species that hits. This time while trolling for Salmon and Browns, a nice 6.9 pound Walleye hits. Nothing but pure white, fluffy goodness. Considered by most, the best eating fresh water species.

Fishing with Phil one day on his boat, The Trolling Bee's, Phil lands a real nice Brown.

A very nicely colored Atlantic here. Notice the rich blue gill plates!

On this particular trip, once again on the Trolling Bee's we targeted Lake Trout. We had a very sucessful day fishing a couple humps. We boated 24 Lake Trout with a half dozen in the 8 to 10 pound class. These fish were in deep water on the bottom, nearly 100 feet down.

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