Salmon on the Sea

On Monday night Rob called me to see if I was still on for the trip next week on the UVM research vessel, Melosira. http://www.uvm.edu/theview/article.php?id=886

Our conversation led into fishing, and that him and Bill were hitting the inland sea on Tuesday to fish for Landlocked Atlantic Salmon and see if they could pick up a Walleye or two at the same time.
Needless to say, I "sort" of hinted that I was free. Rob invited me, I hung up the phone and had the almighty important "schedule changing" conversation with Cathy, then made a phone call to cancel one previously scheduled engagement.

We met at Robs house at 5:30 am. The boat and trailer were all hooked up, ready to go, and all we had to do was jump in the truck, drive the ten minute route to the launch and we were on.

We set up just outside of Apple Island Resort, fog on the water, thick humid air, low clouds clinging to the hill tops. I thought it was going to be a miserable day even on the water, but I was wrong.

The weather changed a lot during the course of the day as did the fishing. It seemed the fishing and the techniques needed to entice a bite, changed with the weather. First the fish wanted tube flies on cheaters, that was during low hanging clouds, perfectly flat water, with "peeks" of sunlight. When the sun would shine bright through the clouds, it felt like the humidity level doubled or even tripled. Beads of sweat would break out on our foreheads and we would mutter minor complaints.

Then a small cell came along, just rain, no sparks. It lasted just about 15 minutes or so and we had a double on during the rain.

After the rain left fishing slowed for just a bit, then we got a nice cool North breeze which brought along a slight chop. The air felt very comfortable, great for fishing. During this period, the fish turned to favor steel. They wanted to see and try to eat steel, versus tube flies. Tamiron's http://tamiron.com/main/ BOBO finish in blue and white is what turned the fish on during this time.

Fishing wasn't hot, we had to work for the fish and change up as needed.

I learned a lot from these seasoned Champlain fisherman. Lessons I'll put to good use on my boat while out with Cathy. I thank Rob and Bill for passing the knowledge I'll put to use, try to master, and possibly pass on myself.

Rob and myself with a nice 22" Landlocked.

Bill with a nice fat Salmon, 20" and a great eating fish.
We ended up boating somewhere around 13 or 14 fish. All Salmon. Some were shorts, some were keepers. We kept 5 to share for nourishment and certainly thank the fish gods!!!


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