Hot August "Bows"

Sometimes the hot August Days of summer can slow down fishing.

Sometimes it's the fish that slow down, and sometimes it's the hot humid August air that thickens like pea soup that you can cut with a knife that keeps fisherman off the water.

In the case of fishing for Northern Pike and the hard fighting, tug boat pulling Bowfin, August might just be the time to target theses species in Lake Champlain.

"Northernnightmare" and his fishing buddy "Fishercat" hit the Missisquoi Bay in the Northern most reaches of Lake Champlain for a outing of Northerns and Bows. They started the day a little on the slow side and then decided to do some trolling. They set up their rods with some Mepps spinners and trolled north from the Swanton bridge to the Missisquoi River. They made several of these trips during the course of thier outing and landed 25 Northerns up to seven pounds, 5 Bass--both smallies and largemouth and these two outrageously huge Bowfin.

Monsters by any one's standards!!!


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