After stopping by Dockside Outdoors and picking up Ben's First Mate Mike,
aka Fishercat,
aka Dockside winter-time poster-boy,
we headed to the Sea for a fun filled day of trolling.

Mike is renowned around the world (er Lake Champlain) for his uncanny ability to jig even the toughest of finicky pan-fish, the Crappie aka Paper-mouth.

Mikes first fish proves he has an outstanding ability to succeed at Pan-sized fish, no matter what species, no matter what time of the year, and regardless of techniques applied. In this case, trolling with lead-core!
Congratulations Mike on Landing this beautiful Salmon!

The next fish Mike lands is a little more than he can handle. He does a great job of playing his fish, and a great job of landing it.
But...it's what comes next that he needs to work on.
With the fish in the boat...
he must of fought it for at least five minutes!
Trying to keep the fish from going down his jacket and shirt!
I'm not so sure he succeeded!

Thanks for a great day on Lake Champlain Mike.
We'll have to do it again...
and again...
and again!!!
Fish on, fish H8 me.

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