I have the pleasure of working with Tamiron Sporting Goods as a "Champlain Tester" for their products.  Primarily, I'm testing  their line of trolling spoons called honeybees, and I've also begun to "dabble" in taping lures.  Tamiron also sells a great line of "Decorator" tapes that I've been working with.

Lots of fisherman are reporting good catches of Landlocked Atlantic Salmon using spoons with black on them.  Also spoons with white appears to be a common denominator.  Honeybees fit especially well on the "white" list, as many of their products have a beautiful pearl-white back side.

Earlier this year, I received a #2 Honeybee from Tamiron that was different from the rest.  It was black and white with a purple stripe on it.  The black was different.  I looked at it closely, it wasn't tape, it wasn't paint...what is it?  I inquired, what do I have here?  Black Nickel was the response.  Cool, very cool.

The spoon sat in a box of lures during many, many trips out.  I would look at it and think: "man, this is cool", and put it away.  For some reason I didn't drag it...until this week!
I was in an area on the lake, over big schools of bait down deep.  I looked at the lure, threw it on and "tested it" in the water.  Watching it's action and it's beautiful contrast.  "Yeah", I thought, "hell yeah, this will work!"
I hit the down switch on a rigger, and sent it down to Davey Jones Locker.
BANG!!! It fires.  Again, again, and again.
Without all the boring details, I modified it's color scheme, slightly, twice. 
It now contains purple and red dots...The KopKar...

And man has it been firing...It's been a riot. 
Check out these wonderful fish from the Jewel we Call Lake Champlain!
Caught on the new "KopKar"

Friday, May 21...A beautiful 5.84 pound Landlocked Salmon:

Thursday, May 20...Twin Brown Trout.  Weighing in at 3.40 and 3.38 pounds.  These fish "dig, dig, dig"!

Monday, May 17..."Twin Twenties"
Lake Champlain Landlocked Salmon.

Some of these fish are in a brine solution as I write this. 
Later today...they'll be absorbing Apple and Hickory smoke.

Fish on, fish H8 me.


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