So...I'm trolling along wanting to hook into the big one...wanting to feel the pull...
Off in the distance I see a little spot, I grab the binoculars, take a peek and can't believe my eyes...
I wait until the spot is a little closer...quite far yet, but I decide to snap a picture anyway.
It's a woman...
a woman on a surf board and one paddle!

"CLICK" goes the shutter...
"THUMP"...something behind me.
RELEASE!!! Fish on!!!

So much for my intentions of getting a good close up of this woman on her surf board.
She comes right up along side me, within 30 yards, my rod is bent over and I'm fighting this wonderful energetic silver. "Hey" I yell, "Looks like a great way to get exercise", she yells back "sure is!"
"I got a nice salmon on" I yell, she responds "I didn't know they were in the lake". About that time a beautiful 19" Landlocked jumps and waves at her, then again and again. "Wow, how cool" she yells back. Soon after--it's in the net and the surfer chick is long gone behind me.

Done for the day I say. Time for a Corona and a Siesta!

Total for the day...six for eight, all of them Champlain Landlocked Atlantic Salmon. One of the fish I lost was a line stripping, reel screaming pig... It felt as though it turned to run toward me, and when it did, it was gone.
All in all, a great day to be on the water.

Once again, the honeybee's by Tamiron Sporting Goods ruled the day.

The lost pig, another that dropped, and one other fish, came off a "0" dodger followed by a (SKU) 1611 silver/pink honeybee 35' down, tight to the ball.
Four fish were taken with a (SKU) 1620 white/blue BoBo finish MP6 honeybee.
I had the BoBo on the main line, the same BoBo on a sliding cheater, over Tamiron blue/white/red tips vertical blades, running the main tight to the ball. Fish took both lures.
One fish was taken very deep, 60 down on a stinger red gander glo.

Be safe if you go out. Remember the water is still very cold and within minutes, hypothermia can set in. Wear an approved personal floatation device!

Fish on, fish H8 me.

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